16 Things You Don’t Owe Anybody (Though It Often Feels Like You Do)*


1. An outward appearance that aligns with what other people deem appropriate and ideal.
2. Explanations for why you put your job first.
3. Remaining in a relationship because someone — be it a family member, friend, or even your partner — expects you to
4. Marriage or children because it’s the “next step in your relationship,” your mom is dying for grandkids, or you don’t “foresee finding someone better.”
5. A date just because they ask. 
6. Sex out of routine or obligation or just because you went on a date.
Reasoning for your philosophical or religious or political belief. 
8. An apology if it’s disingenuous. 
9. Inside knowledge to some intimate part of your life.
10. An explanation for needing alone time. 
11. A favorable reaction to something, be it an outfit someone picked, a song they’re showing you, a life choice they’re evidently making, that they like and are seeking validation for.
12. Your undivided attention for someone’s perpetual tri-weekly crisis.
13. Agreement with someone’s personal beliefs, just because they’re sharing them with you. 
14. A disingenuous response to the question: “how are you?” 
15. A “yes” every time you’re given a project or opportunity. 
16. A flawless outer appearance.

*Via, para desenvolvimento de cada um destes pontos.

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