Apropos this article: LET’S DECLARE A PANDEMIC AMNESTY, Rezzi says: “The sentiment is well-meaning but leaves out the countless individuals that lost their livelihoods (including dissenting physicians that lost their licenses), and were prevented from saying goodbye to loved ones”.

I add:

It also does not hold accountable the ones perpetrating abuse of civil liberties, civil basic rights, like traveling, exercising, going outdoors for fresh air. Being with friends and relatives, right to assemble in churches, where people are supported, or groups for people recovering from addiction, for instance.

And implementing strategies forcing people to comply with mandates that were worse for their health. Like mask mandates, vaccines not tested, tests that are not adequate for diagnosis, in which everything was based on to declare that there was a real pandemic, social isolation, etc.

Those killed more that the “virus”.

Not to mention the increase in suicides, in mental health issues on kids, teenagers, and adults, on death due to isolation of old people, on people with other diseases that did not have medical care because nothing else existed besides covid.

And the deaths due to a vaccine not tested. In athletes, the healthiest people on the planet. 

And the only way to prevent that from happening is to try those people, governments, mass media groups and propaganda, all social media included, and organisations like WHO and the like. Like it happened in Nuremberg.

Also, because there were enough voices to at least generate debate.

Voices that were shut up, if they simply asked questions. The ones that contradicted the narrative based on evidence were completely canceled. Which is the new way of solving things, shut them up. Affecting their lives directly, by cancelling access to payment platforms or discrediting them in their jobs. Or firing them because they did not take the shot.

We shall never forget.

Talk to all those people about an amnesty. And see how they feel about it.

We are all still suffering the backlash of all those measures. And will do for ages. Still, another “pandemic” is being planned, like the last one was, in WEF event 201.

Same players: WHO, WEF, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 

The ones dictating lockdowns, face masks, and social distance. Vaccines and tests, without a shred o evidence it works. And you still believe them.

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