Before the Storm


Try to see beyond the clouds

The sun is shinning outside

Put the dark and heavy clouds in your mind aside for a bit

Go for a walk

Listen to the beat. Try to keep up.

Leave all those nasty thoughts behind

Walk faster. Move your arms.

Feel your muscles throb. Keep moving


Turn your back to the shore and face the ocean

Watch how the waves smash against the rocks.

How they look harmless now.

The dark blue just captured your eyes

Look into it.

Look further and further into the horizon.

Keep walking until your mind clears

Let the wind blow in your hair

And the warm touch of the sun caress your lovely face.

Don’t turn your eyes away from the horizon

You can lose sight of the shore,

You can even lift your feet from the ground

But you must keep your eyes in the horizon

It is where all your hopes and dreams are kept

Go further. Let your feet sink in.

Close your eyes. Listen to the waves.

Just listen to the waves…

Breath in and out 10 times. As deeply as you can.

Feel how easily the tension leaves your shoulders

And your whole body gets lighter and lighter.

Keep listening to the waves,

How they adjust to your mind

And blend with your heart beat

Just feel it…

See how you are One

Your eyes are sparkling again

It is time to go back now

Move away slowly

Keep the sound of the waves in your ears

They will remind you of the horizon

Get back to your pace. And your tune.

You are safe now

Nature always brings you back

Magic will keep your mind creative

And Poetry will always, always save your soul.

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