Book Depository


It is with great sadness that I read about the Book Depository closing announcement. For years, 90% of my books have been coming from them.

Like the four books I am reading at the moment. 

Bought loads to my friends as well. And, the Customer Support is the best I’ve ever seen.

It is also the end of good surprises over post.

Hope people still write postcards, as for letters, only with bills attached, these days.

Just placed my last order, a book I didn’t even know about. Just because…

And went back to order two of Nietzsche’s books: Beyond Good and Evil and The Will to Power, at very low prices, as all public domain books should be. Bookshops are full of classics because they don’t have to pay copyrights to the authors.

Whilst new authors struggle to publish.  

I wish Book Depository comes back.

For they’ll be missed.

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