Carta Aberta aos Covidiotas*


Dear #ZeroCovid fanatics,

I sometimes wonder whether you are aware of what you are causing with your attitude. You mock and ridicule the majority of the pandemic’s victims. You trample on those who are now suicidal. You spit on all those who have lost their livelihood.

You make fun of the suffering of those in poorer strata and poorer countries who are left behind by you. You are cynical and inhuman. And despite all this, people here on Twitter are lashing out against those who question the overall situation.

Public lists of dissidents are created, and people are hired to find skeletons in the critics’ closets or simply to defame them. These borderline attacks come almost exclusively from the camp of people who “always feel like puking” as soon as we question the narrative.

And, you know what, I feel sick too, because of you sickening Coronazis.

You guys are part of the worst that humanity has produced: You are an unconscionable lynch mob – nothing more, nothing less.

What we are currently observing is that the rule of law is being undermined. Judges who declare measures unlawful have their houses searched shortly afterwards, and leading politicians publicly claim that demonstrators are undermining our democracy.

You guys seriously think that critics are right-wing fascists who want to abolish democracy. However, you do not realise that you are much closer to Stalinism than the average concerned citizen is showing antidemocratic tendencies. On the contrary, we are real democrats.

You also don’t need to keep saying that we have no respect for nurses.

You haven’t cared about the nursing profession in the last years either. This accusation is absolutely hypocritical, and you should perhaps simply question it yourselves.

Many of the politicians who are in the limelight today and are appalled by the state of the health system are simply responsible for it. And yet, you uncritically hail lobbyists and careerists of this calibre as your new heroes. Chapeau!

Unlike you, we have respect for all those suffering under the current measures.

It’s illogical that our entire society has to be in a state of war in which the entire civil society has to fight against the one, maximum and invisible enemy.

And anyone who questions whether this intangible enemy is really that dangerous and whether it might be possible to combat it with other, more civilian means is a COVID denier and an enemy of the people and must be hung from the nearest lamppost.

You simply don’t realise what reflexes you are giving in here, but that is part of the problem.

There is plenty to criticise about the media elite that calls for an ever tougher lockdown and shoots down every critic with references to supposedly full intensive care units.

Have you ever cared about the dead & the causes of death?

Did you ever notice that people died every day for avoidable reasons? Do you even know how many people die every day and from what? And do you know the proportion of people who die of corona in relation to all deaths?

Do you know that sugar consumption alone costs our society many more years of life than this respiratory virus? Go out and set the sugar factories on fire if you like, but please stop holding an entire society hostage just so you can live out your absolutist fantasies.

This isn’t about a virus. Otherwise, our corrupt political elite would truly promote our health.

A healthy diet, exercise, healthy vitamin D levels, social contacts, stress-free environments, etc., not only increase the quality of life but also boost our immune systems.

Instead, we live in a climate that promotes social phobias. Old people are afraid to see their relatives and at the same time to die alone. This is the society you have created. We are living in your dystopian reality, which has the whole world in its grip like a cancer.

There is no country in the world to which we people with common sense could flee. Yet, thoughts of escape are still pure luxury compared to the millions of people who are dying miserably in Third World townships as a result of your fantasies of omnipotence.

Every time you want us to “visit an ICU for just one day” to see the misery with our own eyes, I want to respond to you that you should just go to a slum of your choice. What you’ll see there is how people live without prospects and in constant fear.

All this misery only because you believe that you are able to prolong the lives of old people (who have lived their lives) with your authoritarian and inhuman measures. The saying “the one who doesn’t know has to believe everything” is particularly true in this case.

But you are wrong. You are an unimportant puzzle piece of a geopolitical game of the elite, and you are just too ‘mentally limited’ to comprehend its complexity. The only ones who benefit from the crisis are the mega-rich and big corporations of this planet.

Those global players want to take away our freedom with these measures.

Prior to 2020, would you have consented to an experimental gene therapy against a common cold virus that poses no danger to you and for which the manufacturer wouldn’t be liable in the event of damage?

If so, then get injected to be “protected”. But please leave us out of your surreal reality. And if you still don’t want to understand, then just answer me one last question: Why does the common flu vaccination practice (i.e. vaccinate the vulnerable) no longer apply?

Let me be clear: it’s us, your enemies, who are currently defending your rights. It’s us who are risking our careers and reputations for speaking up against this madness. Being a cowardly collaborator like you would be much more convenient but we chose to do the right thing.

You, however, are being misled by media-supported demagogues (i.e. ‘demigods’ from your point of view) who almost entirely have strong conflicts of interests. You are a pawn in a grand mind game of people whose interests are completely different from yours.

It’s not that difficult to figure that out. Also, here the motto applies: follow the money. The road to truth has many turns, but it’s eventually your own choice whether you want to begin the journey or remain in the dark. Cheers!

*Dr. Simon

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