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Hillman conceived the daimon as a psychological complex or force existing in everyone, whose function is to help us find our personal calling, and provide us with the motivation to follow it.

“Sooner or later, something seems to call us onto a particular path. You may remember this”something” as a signal moment in childhood, when an urge out of nowhere, a fascination, a peculiar turn of events struck like an annunciation. This is what I must do. What I’ve got to have. This is who I am”.

In: The Soul’s Code, James Hillman

James Hillman foi o primeiro autor junguiano que li. Fácil de entender, como todos os autores americanos. Especialíssimo, por causa do daimon. Pai da psicologia arquetípica, só pode ser bom.

Ainda por cima, dedicou um livro inteiro ao Puer Aeternus, um dos meus arquétipos preferidos.

Depois de The Soul’s Code, o primeiro que li, seguiram-se quase todos os outros. A obsessão do costume.

Hillman prestou um enorme serviço à causa.

Uma série de livros publicados, outra de vídeos no youtube com aulas ou palestras dele. É procurar.

And instead of reading books…


And instead of reading books, and keeping quiet, people sang at the window, stars performed in balconies and social media, actors talked to their fans live. Everybody has a bookshelf they are dying to show to the world. The Rolling Stones got the award for best home show. So in tune, all 4 of them. Performing one of the best songs ever written and composed.

The original 7 minutes version is an anthem.
I’d personally give away half a kidney to have Mick Jagger telling me to my face that I might not always get the man I want.
Lives on Instagram saved millions of lives.

Rather than planting herbs and fruit, people consumed all the vegetables in the market.

And women’s hair roots became alive, so did their foreheads; men’s neck got curly, the bald are no longer bald, it’s a miracle, their faces are of a lumberjack, having a comeback; women’s hands full of skin and old nail polish; Hairy bodies everywhere.

And instead of watching series,

people complained about their families, politics, kids, on social media; People didn’t love, instead, they blamed each other.

And parents couldn’t wait to tell their offspring’s teachers how good and competent they all are; to the kids’ grandparents, the best in the whole world.

And instead of writing books, drawing, painting, knitting…

people dusted, vacuum cleaned, got dogs, cats, parrots, vacuum cleaners, just to be able to go for walks or runs.

And hammered walls. Ler Mais…

Happy Birthday, Jamie Fraser.


James Alexander Malcom Mackenzie Fraser, aka: Jamie Fraser, born 1st May 1721. 299 years old today, doesn’t look a day over 50. Still hot.

By far, the best male character ever written in literature. 

And thank you, Sam Heughan, for making the king of men even more special.

And to Diana, for creating it.

You have no idea how my life is so much better with Jamie and Claire. They are the wee bit of magic all of us need.

Jamie Fraser has it all

The warrior, the lover, the king, and the magician, or the wise man. Shadows included. That’s what makes him so good. In the books, the character is absolutely fascinating. The show romanticises him a bit, although he is quite feminine for a 18th century warrior. But a man indeed, no doubt about it.

All archetypes in one man. Some aligned, others not so much. 

You will always be the King of All Men.

Happy Birthday, Sam Heughan.


Dear Sam,

Wishing you a Magic 40th Birthday today, from Lisbon, Portugal.

So, you play the most well written male character literature has ever seen. And you make Jamie Fraser even more special than Diana’s.

God only knows how impossible that could be.

You caught me in the show. And it was mainly because of Jamie and Claire’s story that I started reading the books.

Not surprisingly, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

It has been quite a journey, I am telling you. As a writer, a voracious reader, a Junguian psychology devotee, and most of all as a human being.

Naturally, every time I read, magic happens.

I read with Claire’s voice and Jamie’s accent. And I see you both.

I can feel you, see you, hear you. And your most sexy Scottish accent.

You, dearest Sam, are doing an outstanding work.

Ler Mais…



É uma coisa engraçada, a memória.

Há de haver um processo qualquer que nos faz esquecer determinadas vivências para que possamos sobreviver. E, de alguma forma, meio mancos, consigamos coxear para a frente.

Essas memórias são como brasinhas.

Que não pegam fogo à casa mas ainda não se extinguiram. Dançam umas com as outras em cantos recônditos da nossa cabeça. No entanto, basta um pequeno rastilho para que apareçam bem vívidas. E ocupem rapidamente o lugar da frente das nossas memórias, como se tivessem acontecido há cinco minutos.

Dizem que só os velhos vivem de memórias, que é o que lhes resta porque o futuro é ao minuto.

Mas é mentira.

Há muitos seminovos que vivem de memórias. Outros que nem das memórias saíram. Lá permanecem, nos anos 80 e 90. 60 e 70…

E alguns que vivem de memórias do que não aconteceu, do que poderia ter sido, agarrando-se ao que foi, como medida preventiva da consciência. Para dar tempo ao inconsciente de processar o conteúdo simbólico dessa memória, agora com mais dados disponíveis.

No entanto, as memórias têm um tempo próprio. Ler Mais…

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