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Entretanto, numa realidade paralela:


Tenho evitado entrar numa realidade paralela tanto quanto posso. De vez em quando, lá se me escapa um Hallmark, agora chama-se outra coisa?

Principalmente agora que cancelei os TV Cine. E o Cine+ por arrasto.

Preciso-me alerta, acordada, desperta. 

Concentro-me mais nos clássicos na hora.

E evito a Netflix o mais que posso.

Mas para alguma coisa há-de servir:

Minissérie bem boa, britânica, com um very handsome Scot indeed.

Behind Her Eyes

Nunca pensei num escocês moreno, mas parece que os há. E bem bons.

O ator é britânico, mas dá um perfeito Scot.

Vi os primeiros minutos e foi o diabo para largar.

Introverts: impossible not to love them


“Fortunately, introverts have a lot of mental strengths that can help us through times of uncertainty…
Intuition to guide us
Thoughtfulness to help us adapt
Self-awareness to help us grow
A creative mind to entertain us”

Outlander – The Fiery Cross


If Jamie Fraser was not a good enough reason to love Outlander books, this would certainly be a perfect one. #thefierycross

Strong feelings go along with passionate people.

Sam Heughan Caitriona Balfe and all the crew that puts Outlander Series on air only make it even more special. Quite impressive, given Diana Gabaldon’s outstanding job.

The hell with Covid19. Let’s just read. And dream…



The Archetypal Feminine:

Eros emphasized rather than Logos, relatedness more vital than differentiation, the containing vessel more informing than the discriminating sword, moon knowledge more valued than sun knowledge, Feeling and Intuition more prized than thinking, the Informing Source of Wisdom and living Nature rather than the scientists and their brains in the atom labs armed with their dead ‘facts’, the Unconscious more sacred than Ego consciousness, are the Healing medicines we need, but no one knows this in this

‘world of dry stones’:

“A survey.. will better enable us to understand the fateful importance of the Archetypal Feminine in its concrete reality as it confronts us in the myths and rites, the images and religious attitudes, of early mankind. Here it should not be forgotten that “early mankind” and “matriarchal stage” are no archaeological or historical entities, but psychological realities whose fateful power is still alive in the psychic depths of present-day man. The health and creativity of every man depend very largely on whether his consciousness can live at peace with this stratum of the unconscious or consumes itself in strife with it.”

Erich Neumann, The Great Mother

Johnny Depp


An INFP would never ever do what Johnny was accused of. I hope all of you who accuse someone without any decent evidence just because a nasty bitch makes up a story, just because you are so eager to blame someone for your own shadow thoughts have learnt your lesson.

I always believed him, always.

There are a lot of women making false accusations on men to get attention or whatever. Because of you, real victims of abuse and assault have not been taken seriously. Get a therapist and stop that disgusting behaviour.

And despite all the crazy behaviour of his ex-wife, Johnny Depp never ever said a word about her. Not even to defend himself of such false and prejudice accusations. He is a sensitive gentleman. Justice is done. I hope he has a great rest of his life. ❤️ #JusticeForJohnnyDepp

As for the rest of you, think twice before putting your fucking egos before anything else, risking a man’s reputation and life. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

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