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Do you Lack Self Confidence?*


Traits associated with low self-confidence include:

1. Undervaluing your experience and abilities; writing yourself off as being “no good at anything”
2. Accepting the blame for things when it isn’t your fault
3. Holding back, especially in groups, and dreading sharing your opinion – or anything about yourself or your life; being very shy and reserved
4. Having unrealistic, perfectionist standards for yourself – and at the same time being highly self-critical
5. Obsessing over things that went wrong in the past (especially if was something you said or did)
6. Being preoccupied with the negative outcomes and potential failures (And what people will think of you – as a consequence of that)
7. Being fearful of a wide range of people and situation; dreading going, or doing, something new
8. Doing things to please others – even when it’s things you really don’t want to do (for fear of disapproval, rejection, or losing face)

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