And instead of reading books…


And instead of reading books, and keeping quiet, people sang at the window, stars performed in balconies and social media, actors talked to their fans live. Everybody has a bookshelf they are dying to show to the world. The Rolling Stones got the award for best home show. So in tune, all 4 of them. Performing one of the best songs ever written and composed.

The original 7 minutes version is an anthem.
I’d personally give away half a kidney to have Mick Jagger telling me to my face that I might not always get the man I want.
Lives on Instagram saved millions of lives.

Rather than planting herbs and fruit, people consumed all the vegetables in the market.

And women’s hair roots became alive, so did their foreheads; men’s neck got curly, the bald are no longer bald, it’s a miracle, their faces are of a lumberjack, having a comeback; women’s hands full of skin and old nail polish; Hairy bodies everywhere.

And instead of watching series,

people complained about their families, politics, kids, on social media; People didn’t love, instead, they blamed each other.

And parents couldn’t wait to tell their offspring’s teachers how good and competent they all are; to the kids’ grandparents, the best in the whole world.

And instead of writing books, drawing, painting, knitting…

people dusted, vacuum cleaned, got dogs, cats, parrots, vacuum cleaners, just to be able to go for walks or runs.

And hammered walls.

Shouted with each other for the whole neighbourhood to listen.

People gained 10 pounds average, got a wee drinking problem, can’t wait to go back to work.

They don’t hug, kiss or travel. Or shake hands. They keep a distance and look suspiciously to everybody who sneezes or coughs.

And instead of using their hands to craft and their legs and feet to exercise, people used them to press lift buttons and open doors.

Of spreading love, they counted the dead.

Animals came back to towns, that’s where they live in India, in the middle of the streets, but pigeons didn’t die.

Lovers got pregnant, and couples separated, others made bread; and people accumulated cupboards full of cans, alcohol and Benuron until 2050. And toilet paper until the apocalypse.

Instead of sharing poetry, people shared idiotic videos and images.

About the world coming to an end, never happened. It is starting to open up, very, very slowly.

We had Outlander to help us through quarantine; It was Sam’s and Jamie’s birthdays;

And Jamie Fraser is still the king of all men     

I accomplished a couple of things: no psychology, not another three years of study, no Glasgow or Gender Studies. Writing. Writing is my life. In Lisbon. And others, too personal to mention. Impressive records…

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