Happy Birthday, Jamie Fraser.


James Alexander Malcom Mackenzie Fraser, aka: Jamie Fraser, born 1st May 1721. 299 years old today, doesn’t look a day over 50. Still hot.

By far, the best male character ever written in literature. 

And thank you, Sam Heughan, for making the king of men even more special.

And to Diana, for creating it.

You have no idea how my life is so much better with Jamie and Claire. They are the wee bit of magic all of us need.

Jamie Fraser has it all

The warrior, the lover, the king, and the magician, or the wise man. Shadows included. That’s what makes him so good. In the books, the character is absolutely fascinating. The show romanticises him a bit, although he is quite feminine for a 18th century warrior. But a man indeed, no doubt about it.

All archetypes in one man. Some aligned, others not so much. 

You will always be the King of All Men.

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