The Archetypal Feminine:

Eros emphasized rather than Logos, relatedness more vital than differentiation, the containing vessel more informing than the discriminating sword, moon knowledge more valued than sun knowledge, Feeling and Intuition more prized than thinking, the Informing Source of Wisdom and living Nature rather than the scientists and their brains in the atom labs armed with their dead ‘facts’, the Unconscious more sacred than Ego consciousness, are the Healing medicines we need, but no one knows this in this

‘world of dry stones’:

“A survey.. will better enable us to understand the fateful importance of the Archetypal Feminine in its concrete reality as it confronts us in the myths and rites, the images and religious attitudes, of early mankind. Here it should not be forgotten that “early mankind” and “matriarchal stage” are no archaeological or historical entities, but psychological realities whose fateful power is still alive in the psychic depths of present-day man. The health and creativity of every man depend very largely on whether his consciousness can live at peace with this stratum of the unconscious or consumes itself in strife with it.”

Erich Neumann, The Great Mother

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