Happy Birthday, Sam Heughan.


Dear Sam,

Wishing you a Magic 40th Birthday today, from Lisbon, Portugal.

So, you play the most well written male character literature has ever seen. And you make Jamie Fraser even more special than Diana’s.

God only knows how impossible that could be.

You caught me in the show. And it was mainly because of Jamie and Claire’s story that I started reading the books.

Not surprisingly, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

It has been quite a journey, I am telling you. As a writer, a voracious reader, a Junguian psychology devotee, and most of all as a human being.

Naturally, every time I read, magic happens.

I read with Claire’s voice and Jamie’s accent. And I see you both.

I can feel you, see you, hear you. And your most sexy Scottish accent.

You, dearest Sam, are doing an outstanding work.

Growing better and better by the second.

Today, I’d like to thank you for that. 

And for your time. Every single bit of time you spend on Social Media and you care enough to talk to us. I thank you for your cheerful mood all the time. Your shinny eyes, gorgeous face, and your stunning figure. And your infinite patience with the zillions of fans that meet you in the middle of the street and ask for pictures.

Not to mention your kind smile to all of them.

You know, there are lots of people living in the dark, just like Blackjack Randall did. And people like that will always want to bring everybody else into the dark, the very, very dark place they live in.

Even though we can be compassionate at times

we must, however, stay away from those people. First and foremost because they are the ones responsible for their own lives. Only them. Besides, they don’t want help. All they want is that everybody else feels as miserable as they do. So, we must shut off. Block them, if needed. Otherwise, they will drag us into their miserable existence. They will always try to do it. There is no other way for these people.

And whenever they can’t do it, they’ll try to ruin everybody else’s lives.

They have a remarkable ability to get into people’s minds.

Triggering the little nagging voice we all have in the back of our heads. Raising it.

Our own shadow side is enough. We don’t need theirs.

Keep them out of your great mind.

It is not wrong to be decent, sweet, nice, happy, to enjoy life, working and living your passion. Neither it is bad to be humble, kind, compassionate, sensitive, helpful, generous, beautiful, famous, wealthy, at peace.

It is not wrong to choose the sunny side of life.

Those are choices we make every single second of our daily lives. You make yours. And those are great choices. Mind that.

Fiction imitates life.

And there are different faces of shadow: regret, complain, hate, violence, abuse, stalking, mocking, belittling,  blaming, criticism, victimization, envy, jealousy, sarcasm, any and every form of passive-aggressiveness, you name it…

We, all REAL Outlander fans, and yours in particular, are begging you to stay with us.

Whenever you are willing and able. As much as you want. As your life and health allow you to.  So that you can see how we outnumber all the others. Big time. And, hopefully, you’ll feel better. You won’t regret the amazing place you are now, in your career and in your life.

Stay strong, stay safe, stay jolly, stay…

We appreciate, value, and cherish your kindness. We are seeing it and we see you. The real you. Your compassion, the amazing work you do on screens and out of them. With people all over the world, doing the very best you can to make the world a better place.

You made that choice

You could not care, live your life the way you want, it is your life after all. But still, you join us out here. You care for the ones in need. You help them and you make us do it, alongside with you. In a kind and healthy way.

And believe me, we love you even more for that.

In such hard times the whole world is experiencing, the collective shadow is out of control, and it turns out particularly nasty in Social Media.

So, your presence in Social Media is an even bigger blessing.

It is very generous of you to show up. We do not need extra suffering, on the contrary. We need people like you to remind us that there is another side of life, the sunny one.

And that does not mean that you disregard what is going on in people’s lives. It means that you CHOOSE to be a beacon of light in such a dark moment of the world.

You, of all people, represent and project that sunny side.

That beacon of light and hope.

Finally, dear Sam, don’t you ever forget, you will always, always shine brighter. You will always stand out from the collective nasty shadow that has been being projected onto you.

So, have a blissful Birthday, as much as you can. You are not alone, we will make sure that you’ll know it today. The whole world of Outlander fans is sending you our best wishes for your Birthday and your life.

Words are not enough to thank you for what you do with JAMMF.

Together with some girlfriends, I have a whatsapp group called Jamie Lovers and you can’t imagine how our days are so much better because of what we share. And our devoted love for Jamie Fraser. We can’t thank you enough for that…

And for Outlander Season 5.

In a moment like the one the whole world is living, new Outlander episodes are an oasis.

Adapt your personal resources to the needs of the time you’re living in. From the middle onwards, especially, all episodes are travelling deeper and deeper into meaning, which must be the pursuit of the post-pandemic era ahead of us all.

And if Jamie is the king of all men, you, Sam Heughan, are definitely the king of kindness.

Stay with us. Stay with yourself. The very best part of you.

Slainte Mhath, ye bonnie laddie.

Lots of Love,



*This picture was taken in “Lallybroch”, last October, during one of the best trips I’ve ever made, a day before my Birthday. Love your country, History, people, everything about Scotland. And, of course, I hope to run into you on my next visit. It would be a dream come true.

You are in my guys’ bucket list to meet one day :)

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