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Histórias e Mitos*


Jung said that universal human experience is shared and relayed through story and myth.

Each of us are living our own myths and there are experiences and events that shape our myth.

As a human being we are confronted by situations that are archetypal in nature.

These events occur, sometimes only once, other times repeatedly.

Depth psychology attempts to help an individual to bring unconscious influences and beliefs into consciousness.

When we speak of depth psychology, in other words psychology that deals with the unconscious component in our psyches, we talk about therapy that address this unconscious component and its effects on the individual.

Jung offers a way of exploring these archetypal patterns and experiences through symbolisation.

To symbolise your unique experience in the world, you can relate your story to a myth, a song, a movie, a book, a picture, a painting or even a dream.

This form of symbolisation transforms your personal experience from a pedestrian meaningless story into a myth, with a magical, numinous quality. It will contain your experience and your story in a deeper more layered way filled with potential and meaning.

Myth contains this layered meaning as well and the power of myth is found not only in the stories from Greek and Roman mythology, but in modern day stories as well.

Any story that stays with you contains something which you are unable to consciously express or resonates at an unconscious level with your personal myth. These are wonderful gifts from the unconscious.

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