How Power Works


Don’t waste your energy. These people do not have a conscious, power driven people never do. Hence, they couldn’t care less about the people.

They only care about themselves.

What they must know is that, as soon as the whole world, or at least the West, is under a one world government, meaning: once the 1% who really owns the world is done with them, they are no longer needed, nor their jobs, the 1% will discard governments, EU, UN, WHO, puppets, on the spot, as we do with used toilet paper.

That’s how power works.

It’s never shared, nor given, only acquired. Becoming omnipotent. Like how the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, Gates and Shwab know too well. As long as you depend on their money, they have you by the balls.

Apropos and for more on Power.

The psychos already know how to use it. This book is for the ones who don’t. Highly recommend it. So you know what you’re dealing with.

A book and this movie.

Stories rule, indeed, the sane world.

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