Traduções de Artigos de Psicologia

How to be Unhappy*


1. Complain all the time (It will make you miserable and drive your friends away.)

2. Bury your head in the sand and deny that you have problems (Avoidance won’t make your problems disappear!)

3. Constantly compare yourself with others (You’ll always feel inferior if you compare your weaknesses to others’ strengths.)

4. Allow yourself to continually worry about the future. (Most “what ifs” never actually happen.)

5. Keep hanging out with people who put you down (That will totally destroy your self-esteem).

6. Keep on doing things you dislike or hate. (You only live once – and we each have different gifts – so it’s crucial that you try to invest in what you love.)

7. Get involved, and stay, in relationships that are bad for you, and which make you unhappy. (You’ll end up hating and devaluing yourself, and convincing yourself that you can’t have more than that.)

8. Try to change others instead of yourself (We can’t change others – we can only influence them; but we do have the power to change ourselves.)

9. Be a people pleaser. (We can’t make others happy all the time. Also, when you give up your power you feel worthless inside.)

10. Look for your worth and value in “things” (Stuff can’t satisfy us or bring true happiness.)


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