I definitely know what I’d ask her, do you?


As I see them as means of control, I usually don’t give too much credit to the signs issue, let alone the fundamentalist: “you are whatever, that’s why you are like that”, it makes me sick… As I sense it condemns me to that, it puts a label on me, and I can’t do labels, they are meant to put us in a box and never leave it. I am a free spirit, I can’t fit in any sort of box… However, considering how I’ve been feeling for the past few days and the effect the full moon has on me, any full moon whatsoever, I might give it a go today.

The effects of the full moon on me can change, I don’t know why exactly, and I don’t care, it is a fact, I can feel it and I can’t do anything to change it, not a single thing. Or to ignore it. I just feel them, act accordingly, and then I find out it’s full moon and everything makes sense again.

I saw it huge in the sky yesterday late in the afternoon when I was driving home. And this morning, by absolute chance, I came across an article saying it is full moon in Scorpio, my rising sign. The writer of the article suggested that it would be a good opportunity to ask that specific moon to help us get rid of whatever we wanted to get rid of.

Without knowing anything about it, even before realizing it was full moon, I had already thought of an issue, and when I read the article it became crystal clear what I needed to do.

The sky was cloudy today, we couldn’t see a bit of its blue all day long. But now, precisely now, it starts getting clean. The clouds are disappearing and I can even see the light peaking beneath them. Just as we approach full moon’s full power. So I would be able to see it and definitely pay my tribute to such powerful natural symbol.

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