Goodbye to a friend


I said goodbye to a friend today.

Not that he died, he just changed projects and we will no longer be team mates.

I’ve known him for six and a half months, never saw him live, and yet he is amongst my favourites at the moment.

One of those rare souls who makes you want to be a better person.

We had our ups and downs, a very good and speedy start that cooled a bit after a couple of months. I don’t know what happened, but he cooled down and I respected his pace and time. Got a bit harsh even. I, like any woman would do, pretended I didn’t notice. We are both quite headstrong and, on one occasion, not my finest hour or his, we resembled two bulls, with our heads together, struggling hard not to shout or be terribly and irrevocably rude to each other. That passed, he has this ability to say I am sorry and move on. I am glad he did, I did too, and we moved on. I thought that fight could bring us back closer together. Like fights sometimes do. But it didn’t. He had made up his mind about me. And that is OK.

I respect personal boundaries and hate to be a burden.

I still don’t know what made him grow apart more and more, but I guess it takes two to tango, and he was too polite to let me know. Whatever happened did not change my feelings for him one bit. I just kept them to myself.

Today, I said goodbye to a friend.

Words were scarce to let him know what he meant to me, how helpful, kind, patience, supportive, generous, human, and funny he always was. Such a good example to us all. How life will be so dull without him around. I have been telling him how I feel since the day we met. And today, amongst all the messages from our colleagues, I found it hard to express my feelings.

It was the first time in my life I have ever cried over a team mate farewell. 

Instead of speaking my mind, in my own words, I dedicated My Way to him. As he definitely does it his way.

I fought hard with my brain to keep it to itself, distracted my mind in anyway I remembered. But I simply could not help it. I had to write it down. With my very best wishes, for the new job position.

You know I’ll immortalise you in a book someday…

To my dear friend D, words are still stuck in my throat and my eyes are full of tears, so I use Frank’s again, as they never grow old. Or out of fashion.

All the very best, my special friend.

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