Inteligência Artificial


Excelente artigo sobre Inteligência Artificial.

Ainda sou do tempo em que o Harari dizia que a Inteligência Artificial jamais poderia substituir o homem, pela sua incapacidade de sentir, de empatia.

Apenas faz o que foi programada para fazer.

There is a big difference between cognitive automation and cognitive autonomy.  AI is purely automation; it will play the games it is programmed to play and will learn to play them well, but it will never have an epiphany one day and create a new and unique game from scratch unless it is coded to do so.  AI will never have fun playing this new game it made, or feel the joy of sharing that game with others, so why would it bother?  It will never seek to contribute to the world any more than it is pre-programmed to do.

Agora, Harari defende governos por inteligência artificial.

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