Jordan Peterson em Lisboa


Já foi em Outubro, Jordan Peterson em Lisboa. Pode ser oposição controlada, pode apenas ser ignorante, somos todos. Aparentemente, está a perder o controlo. Precisa de uma autoanálise para perceber o que o deixa obsessivo.

Seja como for, achei útil.

What would make your life worthwhile; what you need and want; authoring program; establish your identity in relation to other people; make sacrifices in the present for the future to work; what sacrifices aren’t worth it; offer your best for faith; resentment kills what you want to be; evaluate what you have and don’t bring to the world is a descent to hell; use judgment as much as compassion; judgment towards fostering for what’s best; redeeming; meaning of life (vision); telling the truth is the most loving act, towards the good; no virtue to play along with narcissistic demands; are you sure you want to live your life as a victim? You are holding yourself back, be better people.

Obrigada, Jordan Peterson.

E aos meus amigos que me ofereceram o bilhete.

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