Just Keep Livin’*


‘Cause sometimes you need a little grounding to keep livin’

E o que sempre me aplaca a ansiedade e a existência é o MBTI. Estes tipos do personality junkie são os maiores nisso:

Writers are notorious for drawing on our personal lives and concerns for material and inspiration. We’re constantly wrapped up in our minds and problems. Out of this sea of ideas and experiences, we’re looking for something that strikes us as interesting or important enough to fuel a writing project. 

Creatives at some point discover they don’t like following rules or taking directives from someone else. Instead, they want to control the course and nature of their work from start to finish, from conception to finished product. The key word here seems to be autonomy—propelled by a desire for individuality, independence, and creative control.

Mind wanderers exhibit an inward focus. Intentionally or not, they frequently attune to their own thoughts and feelings. And while mind wandering often has negative concomitants (e.g., worry, anxiety, low moods), it can also serve as a portal to creative ideas. In other words, the same mechanism that begets fret and worry can spawn creative insight. Hence the age-old notion of the melancholic or neurotic artist.

Neurotic Introverts seem particularly disposed to taking refuge in independent creative work. There’s a sense in which Introversion and Neuroticism work in the same direction, namely, toward greater solitude. For Introverts who are easily stressed or overwhelmed, being alone can feel like an oasis. Indeed, it may be the only place they feel completely safe and at home. Spending time alone also opens the door to introspective mind wandering and, if the stars align, to creative inspiration.

*Matthew McConaughey

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