JAMMF aka King of Men…


Sabem aquele sonho de todas as mulheres? Que os homens adivinhem que algo se passa? Tenho uma má notícia para vos dar.

Há um gajo que consegue…

Depois de Claire estar a olhar para ele, convencidíssima de que dorme, vira-se para o outro lado.

Is something troubling ye, Sassenach?” said a sleepy voice at my shoulder.

My eyes popped open.

“No,” I said, trying to sound equally drowsy. “I’m fine.”

There was a faint snort and a rustling of the chaff-filled mattress as he turned over.

“You’re a terrible liar, Sassenach. Ye’re thinking so loudly, I can hear ye from here.”

“You can’t hear people think!”

“Aye, I can. You, at least.” He chuckled and reached out a hand, which rested lazily on my thigh.“

In: Drums of Autumn, Outlander. 

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