To Johnny Depp – #TruthWins


Dear Chris,

Not sure if I‘d call you Chris or Jo, although you’d always be Johnny to me. Since Platoon. I fell in love with you with Edward. Been following your career since then, and, obviously, my favourites are Tim’s.

Who is also an INFP

I could listen to you for hours. So much to talk about… Totally relatable. Same struggles, same idealism, very similar dreams. Would love to meet you one day.

You are in my “Guy’s I’d like to meet” bucket list.

We are both INFP – Introverted feeling and intuitive – The type of artists like Van Gogh, Virginia Wolf, Clarice Lispector, Kurt Cobain, Tolkian, Blake, Joni Mitchel, Jim Morrison, Morrissey, Winona Ryder, Freddie Highmore.

If I’d have one question, it’d be:

Even for an INFP, you did very well at keeping faithful to your nature. How did you do that? Since such a young age? Never getting corrupted by the system, somehow living the dream, but not being part of the circus.

Like you, I’m obsessed with the truth. Writing about it, actually.

However, today is your day.

Never ever doubted it. Written back then to prove it. In any case, it is your day.

Thank you ever so much for your honesty, authenticity, kindness, courage, sensitiveness, your gigantic generosity towards the collective conscious.

And congratulations.  

Justice is DONE

Please make this reach him

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