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MBTI – Myers Briggs para totós


MBTI – O seu tipo é Introvertido ou Extrovertido? A sua função principal é Sentimento ou Pensamento? E a auxiliar, Sensação ou Intuição? Myers Briggs acrescenta aos tipos e funções de Jung: Judging ou Perceiving?*

Extraversion like to focus on and get energy from the outer world of people and activity. They tend to:

  • Prefer to communicate by talking MBTI
  • Learn best through doing or discussing
  • Be sociable and expressive
  • Readily take initiative in work and relationships

People who prefer Introversion, on the other hand, focus on and get energy from their inner world of ideas and experiences. They tend to:

  • Prefer to communicate in writing
  • Learn best through mental “practice”
  • Be private and contained
  • Take initiative when the situation or issue is very important to them

Thinking/Feeling preferences describes how we make decisions, whether through analysis and reasoning or empathy and personal values; while Sensing/Intuition preferences describes how we take in information, whether it be in a factual and concrete way, or an imaginative, future-oriented one.  

The J/P preferences define how we deal with our outer world, whether it be in a planned and orderly way, or a flexible and spontaneous way.

Se ainda não sabe qual o seu tipo psicológico, vá aqui e veja a luz.

“It’s so incredible to finally be understood.”


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  • Arthur Vasconcelos 31/05/2017 at 10:49

    Obrigado, Isabel. Eu sou ENTP-A … Whatever that means…

    • Isa 31/05/2017 at 18:48

      It means that you are a thinking extraverted type, with introvert intuition as auxiliary function. And that your inferior function is Feeling :) (t= thinking; N = intuition E= extraverted P= Perceiving. ) Love to know :))

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