Selfish Love

Mighty Love*

We’re not even connected. That’s probably the saddest thing. And beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
You could say we are connected by lust. Notwithstanding the amazing vertigo, Lust, however, does not bond. The values of one and the other, lust and bonding, are opposite. And despite having both – even being consciously aware of them – we’re too young to deal with paradox. We’re still in the opposites’ field, you and I. I chose one, you chose the exact opposite. And in no mood for changing. We’re over.
You could say we are connected by spiritual love. We’re not. Spiritual Love goes beyond physical, beyond lust, might as well love it, and that’s just what we are, Pure Lust. Not enough.
No more excuses, only in a troubled minded state one would still want. That’s my issue with feelings, when I analyze everything makes sense, when I feel and follow my feelings is messy and disturbing. I knew there was a strong reason… Nevertheless, I’m not happier and passion is a delightful thrilling condition. Just need another object now. While my heart is still sparkling.

* @Selfish Love, 21 Fev. 13

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