Me and Mr Freud

Mr. Freud and I II


Proud and Moved:

The reconstruction works are already underway, the scene is gradually changing, the buildings, which I imagine colourful, begin to take shape, the building contractors are following my plans to the letter, the spaces for the windows are already defined, they will be huge, so that I can look out on to the parks and gardens that will one day bloom. The grass begins to grow, slowly, its green almost dazzling me, and the flowers wait for spring to show its smiley face. The trees remain intact, their secular trunks have not been shaken by the actions of Man, its roots are strong and are firmly suck in the ground, more fertile than ever. Its lush and huge canopies being the only sign of life left from the original scene, and are eager for nature to fulfil its role and return to its natural habitat, the park, which soon will blossom, in time, without hurrying, respecting the cycle and the natural order of things.

The mornings already toast me with the first early rays of sun; soon everything will be flowery, full of colour, movement, life.

In: Mr. Freud and I, a book originally written in Portuguese.

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