Me and Mr Freud

Mr. Freud and I


Quando te comoves com as tuas próprias palavras escritas noutra língua:

“I’ve found myself a renegade ever since my younger brother took onto himself everything that was considered valid in the Western civilization, Dr Freud. Voted to darkness, me and my other brother, the most emotional one of us, and that’s where I live. I’m part of the inner world and I’m not very good at relating to the external one. Nevertheless, I need to take charge of the helm whenever I find myself threatened, in other words, every time I’m not recognised as a part of a whole.

I want nothing more than a little attention, the consideration that I’m owed, the respect that I deserve. I keep many secrets that need to be unveiled. I also want the light, even though I cannot stand it for too long.” Mr. Freud and I, o meu segundo livro, em breve, também em inglês.

I’m lovin’ it

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