I like oracles, they tell us what we already know but are too disconnected from our hearts and souls to believe it face value.

My Oracles are two decks of Mythological Gods and Goddesses cards

One of them with Goddesses from all over the world, and the other with Greek Western Civilization Gods and Heroes.

Every day, I pick a card from each of them.

And despite the fact that I am not looking for love, or a relationship, need to focus my attention on other urgent matters, all the cards I get are related to it.

There is this other reality – besides what people normally call reality, the 3D World, – where things work a little differently. Time is eternal, opposites to not exist, let alone basic human needs. We are all connected and can feel and read through people out of sheer intuition and awareness.

And a fair share of girl power.

We communicate with the unconscious, which can be in the past or in the future. Therefore, in that reality, we see ahead what we cannot envision yet.

The infinite possibilities of the Quantum field.

Like when we predict events before they happen, or feel them as they happen, even if not present.

The story of oracles is an old one.

They instructed people on what they should do. And to this day, they continue to do so. Like in any preaching and sacred place, where we can connect with the divine, in us and outside of us.

Asking the Gods for guidance

The variety of modern oracles is for any kind of belief. One of the most famous is the book of answers. So vague you can interpret it as you wish. Looks like the Bible on the outside. The Bible is the most read. It has stories, the best way to connect with our inner wisdom., myths being the most fascinating of them. Astrology, Tarot, and so many other oracles.

Whatever your psychic language is, there’s an Oracle for you.

One of the oldest Oracles was in Delphi. Pythia was its name. It is a pretty cool myth.

Apollo, Zeus’ favourite, was the God of poetry, music, singing, the muses, health. And of the Sun, taking it from Helium. It happened quite a lot amongst the Greek Gods: a most notorious God would take possession and credit for realms that truly belong to minor gods, so to speak, the ones without a seat at the Olympus.

Apollo has two sayings: “Know Thyself” and “Moderation in All Things.”, inscribed in his temple, in Delphi, Greece.

Such temple had had an oracle related to Gaia (Earth), guarded by a serpent-dragon called Python, protecting Pythia. Who was consulted about anything, from matters of the heart to political strategy, wars, royal affairs, and any other human and universal theme. Apollo and his twin sister Artemis kill Python and Apollo takes over the oracle. In the temple, there was a central chamber, with three young girls, the pythonesses, flesh and bone women who transmitted Apollo’s word, and an interpreter. People would consult the oracle, where hallucinogenic fumes were in the air, leaving the pythonesses in a trance, responding incoherently, which messages were interpreted to the best of their abilities to the people.

One way of putting is: Pythia’s priestesses voiced whatever decision the person had already made.

Spiritually, we can say that when we silence everything else, we listen to the voice of our hearts and souls, where all answers are. Which is, obviously, how I see it.

Our soul is our inner oracle

For that, we need to turn ourselves back to the feminine, so that a psychic balance can take place. “Moderation in all things”: Emotions balance excess or reasoning and reasoning balances excess of emotion.

And that’s pretty much what I have been doing.

An amazing girls’ weekend was just the most creative and cool way to let me know I am on the right path. Bring it on. Even though I would not be sitting down waiting for it to happen.

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