You can’t search for magic, magic happens, in a split, a moment. Catches you off guard, flooding your eyes with stars. And even if you can spot a magic place and want to return there for some more, it won’t happen, it will lack the spontaneity, the surprise, the unexpected. The Unknown. The numinous. Magic is the moment the external world connects with your soul. You’ll recognise it when you experience it, for sure.

When an external event causes an harder and louder heartbeat, just one, I call it PANG.  

It can even hurt a bit, that heartbeat, lingering, at times. Pang is magic in reverse. Instinct, intuition, not sure what to call it, red flag? When you feel but can’t voice, because of other emotional needs getting in the way of the truth. Because you don’t feel safe enough to voice it out. And because you haven’t yet rationalise it to be able to put it into words, understandable by another functioning human brain. Pang is not logical, it just is.

It refers to what we should have paid attention but didn’t, despite the Pang.

Pang is a sting in the soul. The warning sign of an inconsistency between seduction and real intentions. That one sting that shall never be ignored, and shall serve as the barometer for staying or letting go. But we are already seduced, we must take it until the end.

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