Para o meu realizador preferido, com amor.


Mr. Charming Man

There I was, before the amazingly big building my father worked in for years. For a totally different reason this time. For you! For us! There is a us!

Haven’t seen him for 2 years. Walked in cautiously. There he was, in the middle of cameras and wood stuff and a bunch of technicians. Too focused doing the set. I waited. Stood there, just watching. All of a sudden he turns back. There he was, blue and green outfit again. Same looks, whiter beard… He sees me. I wave. He smiles. Comes down the stairs, smiling, I walked towards him. Gave him a hug, of course! How are you? I am fine and you? Yeah, working… I can see… I thought you were in Brazil… I am not. Are you still writing? Always. And you know what? I went to India for a month! Veramente? Veramente! Where did you go? Deli… Una merda! A shit, completely disgusting, Agra, Varanasi… Cazzo, Varanasi is great. I loved it. I saw the river thing… Yeah, at 5 am, all the smells, and the colors and all those people, and the singing, and the noise… God, it was my favorite place in the North… Jaipur, and then South. Goa and Palolem. Amazing. Yeah, loved it. But Palolem, where is it? In Goa, a freaks’ place, hippies… Really beautiful…

[There is still a looks-and-laughs code between us…]

I don’t care if I don’t see you another time this time. I don’t care if I don’t see you in 2 years time again. I loved those old times, which seem quite distant nowadays. I remember the laughs. I remember your sense of humor. I remember how you made me laugh. And it used to be a lot… Just like today. You made me laugh a lot again. I missed all that laughing. 2 years since I saw you for the last time. So much went on in the meantime. But, you know? Seemed like yesterday… And that is special. You are special. And I don’t care about anything else.

I’ll fall asleep smiling and it is your entire responsibility, Mr. Charming Man.

9 ABR. 2006

Nunca mais o vi, saí do FB e perdi o contacto. Mas foi demasiado importante na época, continua a ser demasiado importante hoje. Posso nunca mais te ver, posso nunca mais falar contigo, mas nunca, nunca me esquecerei de ti. A vida na produção só era boa por tua causa, não duvides.

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  • Zeka 12/04/2006 at 00:50

    Why in english love?
    Maybe you don’t want your father to know you are a naughty girl…

    Am I right or what?

    Love and kisses

  • ISA 12/04/2006 at 01:15

    u r not right, Zeka, it is because my favorite director right after tim burton understands English better than Portuguese. He is Italian and my intentions were: no doubts whatsoever! kisses.

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