Saturday Fever


On Saturday, I had an early start. To check in at the hotel in time for breakfast with the girls.

The plan for Saturday was Sé (Cathedral), Brunch at Pois Cafe, closed permanently, we found out about it Saturday evening, although nothing is mentioned on the website, we took breakfast at the hotel and waited for Eva to join us for our daily tour:

St. George’s Castle, a line that started in Martim Moniz, joking, only saw it from the outside, getting lost in Alfama, never made it, Miradouro das Portas do Sol, Largo das Portas do Sol. We did what comes next thanks to Jutta, who treated us all with a Tuk Tuk trip, despite my reputation being ruined forever, which I had to redeem, as my terrible sense of orientation was making us waste time:  São Vicente de Fora Monastery, National Pantheon, Casa dos Bicos, Igreja de Santo António, Never made it to Igreja de Santo Estêvão, Chapitô, Mouraria; drink at roof top Martim Moniz, we’d rather have our welcome drink at the hotel, very good, by the way, all the service and staff very welcoming, the rooms were amazing, a design we are not used to see in hotels, quite personal, truly recommend it.

And Cais do Sodré for dinner and a drink at Pensão Amor, in Pink Street.

After the Tuk Tuk trip, we ate at the place I planned to have lunch the day before. Everything seems to be tourist priced in Lisbon, which was definitely sold to tourism. Great food.

Jutta treated us all with Sardines key rings, not knowing that I get one from almost every city I visit. We also took the time to connect with the 3 missing girls, also Jutta’s idea.

The little gifts shops up until the Castle are lovely

Artists got really creative and we managed to have a lot of people making a living on creativity. The colours are very vivid and the products: sardines, very Lisbon, Couple’s Handkerchiefs motives in different products, and others, are made in a very stylish taste. Although a pain if you drive in the city, the Tuk Tuks are also an opportunity for people to make a living, instead of moaning about crisis and the government. Our guide was very well-informed about the sites we saw. Speaking very passionately about our History and collective characters, a truly Portuguese experience.

Eva wanted to get some tiles, the famous Portuguese Azulejos. Therefore, we strolled to a more dodgy area of the city to get them. After that, we checked out the Christmas market at Rossio square.

Totally forgot to treat the girls with Ginginha…

And, when coming back, in Rua do Ouro, Christel had this brilliant idea for the three of us to get a massage. We definitely deserved and needed it, so we took it gladly, after a quick stop at the hotel.

Our Saturday evening fever was such a treat from the girls, I felt 20 years younger afterwards. Christel could see it right across my face. I shall never forget. Not very used to random gestures of kindness, they always surprise me and move me to tears.

Eva was having dinner with her daughter, so, after the massage and a relaxing moment at the hotel, the three of us had dinner at Time Out Market, tried to go to Pensão Amor, an endless line, as soon as they put it in the guides, the places are over. And ended up in a pink bar, typical enough for me to realise it’s been ages since I went out. No longer used to the flirting, people screaming inside closed doors, and the night mood in general. We had a great timed, danced and laughed quite a bit. Headed back to the Hotel, passing by the City Hall and Praça São Paulo.

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