Was watching the Scots playing against Czech Republic for the Euro 2020, listening to the Portuguese reporters’ comments on the Scottish team and people, when I realised why I love them so much.

Also remembered a line from Outlander 

When Claire says the Scots are fools to think they could defeat the English at Culloden. Scots being a bunch of peasants in rags, armed with pitchforks and rakes, bows and arrows and a few swords, whilst the English, outnumbering the Scottish, were heading for the battle as an organised army in a uniform, with cannons, muskets, and fine blades.

Still, the Scots fought the battle and, of course, lost it.

It’s their almost naiveté, their fierceness, their faith, belief, will, and passion. Their lack of strategy,  their authenticity.

Scots are not fools.

They just aren’t sneaky, calculated, coy. They are authentic, which is only a problem in a very sick world.

Just found out in The Highland Clans that the first world’s best seller was a book from Sir Walter Scott called “Waverly”. Just ordered it. To see if I can learn something with this literature genius.

Since I can’t move to Edinburgh for a year, as planned, I just hope to get a bit of Scotland and the Scots on my bloodstream.

I’d rather travel the country, scent those fields, feel those mountains, listen to the silence on the banks of the lochs.

Unfortunately, I can’t. But still have Mary Queen of Scots’ Biography and Scottish myths and legends to feel Scotland from afar, in my imagination.

Needless to say, I love a man in a kilt… Scots are in general very masculine and I find them rather sexy…

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