Sea Levels


I think it was Al Gore who said that Holland would disappear in 2020, swalled by the sea.

Holland is there, safe and sound.

I’ve been living by the beach for eight years, next June. Since then, I walk and run the path almost everyday. In the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, at all times, with all types of tides.

Including rain tides.

When I arrived here, in 2015, this beach bearelly existed. If we wanted to go there, we’d have to dry on the rocks. And I know it because three years later, an INFP even more INFO than I am noticed it, it was bigger, we could see the sand now. Way before the rock that we can see in the middle, which used to be completely submerged. It is the first time I see it fully. So we had a bit of sand to dry ourselves, those rocks by the shore used to be completely submerged as well.

It was half of this:

Today, almost eight years afterwards, it looks as it shows on the first picture.

Forming two beaches, split by the rock in the middle.

This one though, was used to dice, it even had a sign forbidding it.

Today, it looks like this:

Therefore, not only the sea levels did not rise, they lowered, if anything.

And no, the climate won’t kill us all.

By the political measures taken against it, I am not so sure…

Life, on the other hand, is still sovereign, as you can see.

Regardless the weight or the size of the rock, life, the green, always finds a way to show up.

I see it everyday, more and more. 

One good way of taking care of our psyche is instead of taking everything face value, and spread it, observe. Look around and crosscheck if what is said matches what you see in reality.

Evidence always exposes soundbite propaganda.

Moreover, there are new wild flowers blooming. Which did not exist when I arrived here.

I also remember to be in High School, as a teenager, on a t-shit, lying on the grass, in the afternoon, in the Eighties. To go to the UK for the first time, in 1989, in an amazingly hot summer. In 1997, Luxembourg had a Summer do be called as such, acknowledged by the locals. I aso remember going to the beach, in Portugal, on my birthday, by the end of October, and to lay down in bikini, 10 years ago, or so…

À propos other fallacies, I left some very useful videos about “Climate Change” and CO2 – we will pay takes to breath – in Rumble.

Without CO2, all life on Planet Earth would die.

Thanks for the likes, more than 100 in a very short time. Follow, share, spread the word.

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