The boredom of order*


What a wonderful state of affairs that is! Instead of being that broken human being, always fighting between emotions and reason, you are for once whole! For instance, if you let out your rage, what a pleasure! “I told that person everything! I didn’t keep anything back!” You feel so honest, and whole, for you haven’t been polite, but just said everything! That is a divine state, absolutely divine, and it is a divine state to love in that way, where there is no doubt any more. She—or he—is everything! Divine, complete trust! No safeguards against the faults of the other fellow human! None of that distrust that everybody has toward everybody else, but instead: “We are one! We are one! And the stars dance around us!” It is a state of totality. But emotion creates the experience of being totally in something, whatever emotion it is, and that is why if one makes people too normal then they are adapted but do not feel complete any more. Secretly they long to return to their madness. So it is no solution. One has to swing back again into the emotion and try to get the two poles together. The reasonableness and the emotionality must both be lessened.

At one end everything is order, but rigid; it is a kind of madness. It is mad to be as coldly reasonable as that, and the opposite is another form of madness. If you cannot keep in the middle between the two you are lost. 

But power dominates and people are deadly bored and think how nice it would be if they could go back into the chaos of revolution, where at least life flowed.

They look as though they were moved by a total emotion of some kind, and then that switches back to the boredom of order.

*Puer Aeternus, Marie Louise von Franz

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