The girl with the big brown eyes


There was this girl, with big brown eyes that told no lies. They were the mirrors to her soul, as all eyes are. Eyes of innocence and wisdom that saw what anyone else could not. Penetrating, inquisitive, “you’re not fooling me” eyes. They spoke the language of symbols, saw beyond words, actions, behaviour, fear and longing. They gazed through you, seeing you for who you really are, were, and always will be. Those were silent eyes, not wishing to embarrass you, expose your foolishness, fears and pride. Your ever so fragile manhood.

They were wondering eyes, saw it all, and still wondered: “Why”?

They wanted to dive deep into your soul and live there, forever. To be innocent and wise. They wanted to believe but not be fooled, truth seekers, they were. To break through the ego wall, see your shadow, get pass it, and find your soul, you, as a whole. The bits that you no longer remember about yourself, all your wishes, dreams, beliefs you think to be gone forever, but are still there. Hidden in a dark corner of your mind, where you hid them when you were but a little boy. They are just waiting for your permission to be free, expressed, embraced, cherished, and loved. Just like you… They want to see those bits, connect with them, embrace them with all their heart, free them, put a smile on your face and joy in your eyes.

They saw beyond what you wanted her to see:

your weaknesses; your vulnerability; those eyes crossed the threshold of your persona; the innocence of all the dreamers and idealists and the wisdom of knowing better; to inspire an ego wish and to touch people, a soul longing, the spot that remains stuck in solitude and loneliness. To bring it from the darkness into the light.

The girl with the big brown eyes that told no lies saw all that and she decided to stay. That’s what you feared the most, and that’s why you left.


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