The Shadow


“The shadow is a living part of the personality and wants to live with it in some form. It cannot be argued out of existence or rationalized into harmlessness. This problem is exceedingly difficult, because it not only challenges the whole man, but reminds him at the same time of his helplessness and ineffectuality.

Strong natures – or should one call them weak? – do not like to be reminded of this, but prefer to think of themselves as hero’s who are beyond good and evil, and to cut the Gordian knot instead of untying it. Nevertheless, the account has to be settled sooner or later. In the end one has to simply admit that there are problems which one cannot solve on one’s own resources.

Such an admission has the advantage of being honest, truthful and in accord with reality, and this prepares the ground for a compensatory reaction from the collective unconscious.”

Carl Jung In: The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious

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