My Best Friend’s Wedding


If I had made a speech at my best friend’s wedding, it would have been something like this:

34 years, my dear friend. Many moons ago… At this point in my life, the weddings I attend are of my nephews by heart.

Have another one next year…

Between that and the last one before that, a lifetime has gone, almost as long as our story. When you reach that point, you know you’re doomed. However, like a light that never goes out, not this time though.

This time was My Best Friend’s Wedding.

And you’re right, your finger is glowing oddly for lots of us here today. And even more at home, for sure. I did not imagine you’d ever get married. And yet, here we are…

The whole of us.

At one point today, I reckoned: This wedding is full of Jorge’s presence. Met people I haven’t seen in 20 years, with whom I had a great time. And the fondest memories. That’s Jorge’s unique ability to bring people together. We have several examples of that here in this room today, Including me, several times. Some of them even ended up in marriages…

An international wedding, obviously…

You are everywhere. In every single detail. In the mass prayers and songs. The rings’ story; This room and the whole space; Food, deserts, even if… Drinks, the Gin, my God, unique.

In your speech, of course.

Even the one in Polish, despite the fact that I didn’t understand a word. Only three, actually, [new] “mum, dad, and brother”.

So, everyone, let’s raise our glasses to the groom: May it all be as you planned.

And Marta, you take good care of my dear old friend.

To the bride and groom.

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