What are the Signs of a Jealous Friend?*


1. They are often insincere so it’s hard to tell whether they are being genuine or not.

2. They are unpredictable and changeable. Often they will be nice to your face – then they say nasty things behind your back.3. They try to outdo you. For example, when you say something funny, they try to say something that is even funnier; if you get hurt or something bad happens, there’s always something worse that has happened to them.

4. Related to this, they act as if they’re in a competition with you so you can’t just be natural and chill when you meet up.

5. They stop being understanding – and they don’t seem to care if you are feeling down, or if things are going wrong.

6. They avoid being around you when things are going well, and don’t seem happy and pleased on your behalf.

7. You feel as if you can’t really trust them anymore – as you sense they aren’t loyal and you fear what they might say.

*Quando me recuperar das cruzes, traduzo.

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