You Cannot Win


Esta é talvez a grande dica para identificar manipuladores emocionais. Não vale a pena tentar incutir bom senso, apelar para que as prioridades sejam colocadas no sítio certo, para tentar chegar a um consenso. O que vale a pena é pormo-nos a andar, sem olhar para trás, sem pena, sem responsabilidade alguma, qualquer que ela seja. O autoconhecimento é a melhor forma de nos prevenirmos contra manipuladores emocionais. É no nosso complexo (podem chamar-lhe ponto fraco) que encontram eco para expiar a neurose de poder. Não é opinião, não é liberdade de expressão, não é cedência, não é respeitar o outro nas suas crenças. Um manipulador emocional não tem crenças, não tem valores, não tem critério algum, o que ele quer é ganhar a qualquer preço. Distorce o que dizemos, confunde-nos, ou tenta, contradiz-se em cada linha, mas isso não importa, desde que ganhe, e o que um manipulador emocional quer é discutir. Não é ego, não é doença, é um modo de vida que não vai mudar nunca. Saia fora ou, se não tiver outra hipótese, não bata palmas para esse tipo de urso dançar, qualquer tipo de urso, já que falamos nisso.

If you find yourself being involved with a manipulator, here are my tips:

1. Do not negotiate with them. For emotional manipulators, it’s all about having, exerting and gaining more power. So they’ll always push for more and they’ll never compromise. YOU CANNOT WIN.

2. Don’t engage with them. Don’t try to talk, or reason, or discuss some matter with them – as they’ll try to twist your motives, and leave you feeling “bad”. YOU CANNOT WIN.

3. Don’t confront them. They’re quick to take offense and they love an argument. They’ll then turn and attack you – and never let things go. YOU CANNOT WIN.

You cannot have successful relationships with this type of person. Every argument will be your fault (and believe me there will be lots of them as manipulators love arguments). You will end up doing things you do not want to do or would have never considered (all because they want you to) and on the back of this, you will feel angry and annoyed with yourself for compromising your values or beliefs. If they ever help you then you will be forever in your debt. As difficult as it is, you need to try and not react to this person. do not allow them to press your buttons, as once they have worked out what they are, you will become their constant source of entertainment.

You really are best not having anything to do with manipulators as they bring nothing positive to your life. You will end up giving your all trying to please this person and constantly feel inadequate, therefore never happy.

Take note: manipulators are playing a game, they are unable to admit they are wrong, they do not build meaningful relationships. These people should be avoided at all costs, harsh but true. Do not work with these people, do not have relationships or friendships with them. Do not even walk their dogs or feed their cats. Whatever you do or whatever you say will be twisted and turned around to make you feel bad. They have one objective, to wear you down and make you submit. Everything to them is a competition and in their head the only person who can lose is you and they will not stop until they get that. One thing is for sure, your life will be so much easier if you avoid these people. I would have never said this ten years ago but seeing how my marriage ended and what I still have to put up with to this day it is something I can say with ease and not feel I have to apologise about.


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